The foundation of any team, organization, working environment begins with good leadership. Someone that can channel all the resources available, direct the talent pool and mediate the process and find a common goal – Success.

Skilled leaders and talent differentiates a great work environment from a good one.

However, passion and drive is what differentiates the great leaders and talent.

Talent is not a unique commodity anymore. I see plenty of it every day.  What will set you apart from the others is the true passion you have for what you do.

To be a strong and effective leader, I think what matters most is that you can be in charge and display true confidence, which should never be confused with arrogance. That quality is not what makes a good leader. Confidence displayed will build cohesion, trust and instill balance among your team. It allows you to create a work flow that moves smoothly and without disruption.

And when the crap, as it always does, hits the fan, you are there on the front line with all eyes on you, ready and willing to make the decisions necessary to get things done.

A great leader has no issues taking ownership on their responsibilities, delegating accordingly, coaching and supporting the process. I think the key ingredient for that is communication. A good communicator will advise and assert information, make the message clear, and express willingness to partner ideas. Adaptability is critical. Every client, every demand, every situation is different and requires an approach that cannot possibly work for all. Therefore the leader also knows when to draw the line of exchange and make the final determination on behalf of the team and/or the client.

Inspire the team. Motivate the team. Guide them, but above all create a community commitment.


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