Steps are, in my opinion, one of the coolest things ever created. They provide a path that allows you an opportunity to go up or down. They provide a clear path to……..something.

That can also be said about a career. You must have a pathway that takes you from one point to another. For those of us that have a clear and defined destination, we can utilize the steps more quickly. And, there are many that are unsure about their career and the choices to make. So the steps are a slower, more cautious course of action. But stay that course and make sure that you watch where you are going. Too know the market, or your steps will enable you to move up…one step at a time. The process is exactly that – ONE STEP AT A TIME. 

We, with rare exception begin all things at the first step. As we learn and grow, we change. We adapt. We alter our thinking based on what we learn. And as we continue to absorb, we move up another step. The objective, the end goal is to look up, see the top step and get there. All of our accomplishments and achievements help us move up, as do our connections and the network we have. Each step is a resource. Engage each step. Embrace the progress of each step. As you move up, look back and learn from the steps behind you. Maintain your stride and focus on the advance, what’s in front of you and know that your commitment will get you to the top!!

Stairs To Success
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