Defining SUCCESS can be a challenge for many as it has its own individual appearance. By definition, SUCCESS is, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, but the OPTICS of SUCCESS can be interpreted in a variety of ways and beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.

SUCCESS is a relative term. Finding a path and following it to something that makes you HAPPY can be defined as success. Completing what you set out to do – That’s success. Reaching or achieving your GOALS; That’s success. ACCOMPLISHMENT, PROGRESS, DEVELOPMENT, EVOLUTION, IMPROVEMENT are all marks of success. The ability to manage your own CHANGE is another way to benchmark success. The point is, it comes in many shapes, sizes and colors.

Recognizing a weakness within yourself and building it into a STRENGTH is another form of success. Identifying a PROBLEM and creating a SOLUTION – That too, is a measurable form of success. It’s one thing to set your sights on the goal which can be the DESTINATION, but another thing entirely to take it as a JOURNEY and process each step knowing that when you do reach that destination, you find some sense of SATISFACTION.

Self Confidence, self-esteem, taking pride in what you do, maintaining a positive attitude, challenging yourself, perseverance, looking for the best outcome, never quitting, believing in yourself, earning respect from your colleagues, friends and family, adding value are all forms of SUCCESS. You decide what works for you and once you define your success – you will have achieved success.

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