I love balance.  There is something to be said for stability and keeping the proportions of ‘things’ equal.

How often have you heard people reference ”life – work balance”? What really makes more sense is LIFE BALANCE, as it all fits within the life you choose. It would be very difficult to not include work in your life.

Either way, something we all NEED to consider from time to time is how to distribute your day to day and achieve some sense of symmetry. 

When you are involved in a career path, it’s crucial to maintain some consistency. When you are transitioning from one thing to another, consider the details involved to make the change successful. What are the features of what lies in front of you? Reason with and process that thought and develop some strategy that allows you an opportunity to weigh it/them out and make decisions based on the harmony that the results provide. 

Life and work are interchangeable parts of our lives. You don’t need to identify yourself by the work you do, but you will need to find comfortable solutions to separating them and securing balance that helps you develop some symmetry in your life. 

Balance and symmetry are strength. The two will produce, in most cases, a peace of mind that ensures a steady supply of quality and allow you to make a distinction between the things you have to do to be happy.

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