Have an interview on your calendar? If you do – are you prepared? You might think you are, but if you don’t do some serious re-con and LOOK at all facets of the company, research the interviewer and get your head around what the significant characteristics are – chances are, you will not do well and should that happen….Guess what, you have no chance of getting the job. That’s a cold and hard reality. It’s the details that matter. In this very competitive world, the more prepared you are and the better you present your brand, the better your chances are of, at the very least, making a good presentation and/or making it to the next round. Ultimately, you want or need this job, so to minimize the importance of the INTERVIEW is minimizing your odds of moving forward.

Preparation is the key. An interview is nothing more than a conversation between 2 or more people with the intention to get information. Simple enough, if you do your homework and approach the meeting with a realistic approach to creating a solid and open dialogue. This is your chance to express yourself and make a lasting impression.

In order to make your interview interactive you will need to interface and exchange ideas. You want to make it interesting. Don’t just sit there, ASK SOMETHING! Have a plan in place. Have quality and significant questions in front of you and be ready to ask them. Have a conversation.

Good questions exhibit a readiness for consideration. Good questions will make a good impression. It will make you look good and it will leave the right message about who you and how you position you – THE BRAND.


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