Got a JOB? Need a job? Want a job? Whatever your circumstances are, it’s a great thing to be working and if you are fortunate enough to be doing something you like or better yet, LOVE, then enjoy the day and know you are in the minority. Did you know that the majority of the workforce is not satisfied with what they are currently doing? Data supports this and when you think about investing so many hours, days, months years into something that does not FULFILL you in some meaningful way, then you are in a tough spot. Many make peace with that concept. The balance might be a good SALARY accommodated by good BENEFITS or maybe the job isn’t great but the people and/or the CULTURE are pretty cool and that too, can outweigh some of the lack of true ENTHUSIASM towards a job. Either way, once you commit to a job, CAREER, a COMPANY, INDUSTRY or an ORGANIZATION, you are bound to do the VERY BEST you can……despite the SITUATION, the CONDITIONS, your POSITION or what the CIRCUMSTANCES are. You must get up every morning and go to work, perform and do the right thing. For some, a bitter pill to swallow, but you accepted the job, so make sure you keep your MINDSET and your ATTITUDE in a good place. It’s all about PERFORMANCE and EFFORT. You will be judged on that as well as EXECUTION, ACCOMPLISHMENT and RESULTS. If you are meeting GOALS and the CRITERIA, you are probably doing what is expected and hopefully more. Satisfied or not, your job is to be CAPABLE and behave professionally knowing that you meet the CHALLNEGES of all that is placed in front of you. At the end of the day, the JOB is going to pay your bills and your RESPONSIBILTY is to clock out knowing and feeling MISSION is ACCMOPLISHED. Liking your job makes it easier. Not liking it adds weight, STRESS, PRESSURE and that’s why it’s called WORK.


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