May is the month when we see the TRANSITION of so many STUDENTS. They cross the threshold of one of the most meaningful times in their young life. They GRADUATE the university experience and now THEY NEED TO GET A JOB!

The CHANGE is something to behold. You have invested in yourself, educated yourself, hopefully DISCOVERED a DESTINATION and now it’s up to you to put it all together and find an OPPORTUNITY that will bring you happiness and SUCCESS. 

For some, it happens seamlessly, as if it was some magical moment and then for the majority, it takes TIME. The PROCESS can be daunting. It can play with emotions and really take a toll on the mindset. Either way, there is work to be done. Identify your TARGET and find the INTERSCTION POINTS that ALIGN what you want to do and the company you are interested in. You RESEARCH the market, organize the data and make decisions. Is this a company, a job, a culture that really will provide some source of pleasure and satisfaction? If the answer is yes – Go for it! If the answer is uncertainty – Hold off and revisit that one at a later date. But keep searching. The reward is in the search and your RESULT.

Looking for an OPPORTUNITY is a time consuming process. It takes TIME so utilize yours wisely. At the end of the day, the starting line is irrelevant. What counts is crossing the FINISH LINE and achieving what you set out to do – Find a quality work EXPERIENCE that provides the 1st step in your career.

Congratulations to all of you and as you cross the FINISH LINE, remember what you did to get there.

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