It’s the middle of February already. Its still winter and it’s bloody cold. However, before you know it, it will be spring and you will be knee deep in finals, thinking about the end of your four-year college journey. You have just spent 17 years completing, unless you are thinking Grad School, an incredible educational expedition.

Not the end, but the beginning.

You are now confronted with a new chapter of your own very personal story. It is time to think about a career. You need to get a job! What provisions are you making? For those that have things in place, KUDOS to you and I say congratulations. However, the vast majority, statistics prove, are not sure what they will do, where they will do it and more importantly, how they will get there.

Now is the time to be thinking about this. Not May, not June, not after what you feel might be a well deserved summer off to disconnect from your hard work at school. On the contrary, NOW is the time. You are hitting one of the most competitive markets in history. For every job that is appropriate for you, there will be dozens if not hundreds of grads looking at the same possibility. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of falling short. You are not finding a job hoping and dreaming it will happen. That won’t do it. This is a process that requires a course of action. It needs to be driven with a good plan, ambition and some clearly defined expectations from YOU. After all, it’s your responsibility.

There are many components that make the process complete. Are you prepared? Are you doing the right things that will get you visibility? Research and know your market. This will ensure that you approach the process with a well-intended strategy-using solid ‘action points’ that will maximize your time and the effort you invest.

Time has a nasty habit of moving very quickly. Think about how fast your four years just passed at school. Remember when you arrived at campus as a freshman. You were excited. You were apprehensive. You were nervous. You were anxious. Slowly, you get your head around all the changes and find a solid rhythm. And, ‘poof’ – now you are a senior about to graduate. It’s like being a minor league ball player and now you are getting the call to the big show. You need to get in shape. There is work to do. If you are not sure what and how to get a training program in place – find someone that can help you. If you find the right guidance, it can and will make a huge difference and most likely will get you up and running with a good sense of direction.


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