With all meaningful things, there should be a POINT that drives it. Your CAREER clearly fits in that category. If there is no POINT to it…..then what’s the POINT?

Looking for a job, a career pivot, an internship or a serious change in direction requires a VIEWPOINT. That will begin with a STRATEGY, which is rooted in having a series of CHECKPOINTS along the way. The POINT of ENTRY is the beginning of the JOURNEY that should position you well if the DESTINATION is considered with the right POINT OF VIEW.

Research your market of interest and PINPOINT the ACTION PLAN to minimize any DISAPPOINTMENT along the way. Looking for a job is loaded with opportunity as well as FRUSTRATION. Not every lead will provide SUCCESS. If only it were that easy. No, it will take time, energy, consistency and COMMITMENT. As you begin to talk to people, engage with the HIRING COMMUNITY it will require MARKETING SKILLS on your behalf so you can detail the INTERSECTIONPOINTS between you and ‘them’. Discover the alignments and make them TALKING POINTS. Let them know you are a valid and appropriate candidate. It’s your story so tell it! The POINT is to position you well, make an IMPACT and create some serious INTEREST so ‘they’ will keep the dialogue moving. The TOUCHPOINTS create a POINT of contact between you and the TARGET you are pursuing. APPOINT yourself as the lead and INITIATE.

Clearly, if you can understand what is in front of you, leverage what is behind you it will make this entire process of moving forward work and that my friends is exactly THE POINT!

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